The Future of Oil and Gas: Intelligent Operations

Posted On September 24, 2020

At IMPACT, we are working to create an intuitive user-experience for intelligent operation and auto-optimization of plunger-lift gas wells. Smart, connected devices allow operators to accurately monitor and control wells on site or remotely.

We are able to use an industrial Linux device to run our intelligent operation and control software, providing better performance in a robust environment at far less cost than competing systems. Use of modern hardware and operating system environment enables us to choose the best software technology and programming languages available, while avoiding being constrained by obsolete technology/inflexible tools. From C++ to Java and Python, we are free to choose the most efficient environment for the task.

This has allowed us to create an efficient touchscreen UX allowing for complete monitoring and control of multiple gauge inputs, motor valves, and self-adjusting well parameters. Real-time secure monitoring and administration enables the same level of control from remote locations – so you aren’t required to be on-site for your operation to function seamlessly.

Reach out to us and see the future of well operations and optimization.

Written by JohnBatty

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