Measurement & Controls

Impact’s measurement tools give you precise, actionable insights into your oil and gas operation. Our technology can help you detect holes in tubing, report fluid levels, downhole pressure, temperature, and key threats to your production. Knowledge is power, and our data gives you the power to achieve peak performance

Be Data Driven

Companies around the world are investing in data analytics and seeing tremendous returns. Our clients are no different. At Impact, we are providing innovative companies the tools to create world-class oil and gas operations and to make strategic, robust decisions. Re-invent your operation; turn your oil and gas process into a high-tech business. ​

Go Wireless

Upgrade clunky wiring and trenching with state-of-the art wireless controls. Impact’s controls enable your business to operate with agility and without complex control implementations. Our technology is built for performance and can communicate flawlessly 1/2 mile away from site.

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