Who We Are

It doesn’t seem long ago that history witnessed a unique moment in the oil and gas industry. Natural gas had historically been at a shortage, which had driven gas prices up into the $10-15 per MCF range. The US government was providing tax breaks and incentives for...

Oil Plunger History

In the beginning, we sold our equipment to companies. Shortly after, these companies began asking for advice on how to run their tests and procedures for optimization of their wells. We would train them by running our equipment on a few of their wells and showing them...

The Future of Oil and Gas: Intelligent Operations

The Future of Oil and Gas: Intelligent Operations

At IMPACT, we are working to create an intuitive user-experience for intelligent operation and auto-optimization of plunger-lift gas wells. Smart, connected devices allow operators to accurately monitor and control wells on site or remotely. We are able to use an...

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