Intelligent Data Acquisition and Control

Understand Your Well From Top to Bottom

After gathering data using our Instrumented Plunger technology, tune and monitor your operation using our IDAC system. Whether it is discovering issues in the well, or calibrating the process, our technology will boost your productivity.

    Remote Adjustments

    IDAC provides you the ability to access and adjust your operation from anywhere the job takes you. Whether that is a hole in tubing, a worn-out plunger, or a leak in your surface equipment, IDAC will alert you, and provide the knowledge to optimize your operation.

    Fine-Tuning Your Well

    Real-time adjustments and calculations streamline the process, increasing efficiency and reducing frustration. High-resolution transducers and proprietary calculations are utilized to determine plunger positioning, maximize lift, after-flow and shut-in setpoints, in addition to providing the ability to adjust injection rates and durations.

      ALPHA Advanced Automation Unit

      Built For Field Work

      We know that the technology you need is something that can hold up to the highly taxing environment you operate in. That’s why we designed our ALPHA Unit to be rugged, able to hold up in the harshest conditions. In addition to a resilient design, we implemented an emergency shut in for high speed plungers, minimizing damage and preventing injury.

      Compatibility Ease

      n order to provide the smoothest implementation, ALPHA is designed to bridge the gap between RTU and PLC technologies, as well as being Cloud-based to allow for low-cost field automation. Built on a MODBUS interface to allow for a smooth integration in SCADA systems. ALPHA allows you to integrate and control all of your field systems, providing one elegant solution for all of your requirements.

        Technology Built For Ease

        We know that you need technology that will work with you in the field. That’s why ALPHA uses a touch-screen HMI display, cutting down on the need for any extraneous technology. Bottom indication enables you to track your plunger, showing fall times and velocities, allowing you to dramatically reduce unnecessary off time in your operation.