About Impact 


Impact is made up of numerous engineers and oil and gas professionals with decades of experience in downhole and surface systems. Our team has knowledge in multiple fields, including aviation, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering.

What We Make

Measurement and Control Technology

Plungers, Springs, Staging Tools

Instrumented Plungers

Only the Best



Impact is a U.S.-based technology, manufacturing, and design company that specializes in measurement and control technology, plungers, springs, staging tools, and instrumented plungers for the oil and gas industry. 


High-End Materials

After years of testing and design, we created Impact to fill a hole in the market. We wanted products that were made in the United States, used only high-end materials, and that were quickly accessible. We didn’t stop at fabricating top-of-the-line products, and instead saw our next opportunity in oil and gas technology. Our measurement and control technology, in tandem with instrumented plungers, vastly improve well quality and resiliency, while giving you the tools to maximize your entire operation. 


Innovative Machinery

At Impact, we build innovative machinery that our customers can rely on and afford. We consistently design new technologies, use the best materials, and test our tools to perfectly meet the needs of our customers. Our business is run on hard work, great engineering, and a care for every operation we do business with.

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