Impact turns regular wells into world-class operations with plunger lift equipment, analytics, and cutting-edge controls. Manufactured, designed, and perfected in the USA.

How We Do It

Impact uses a two-step approach: products and technology. Our products are engineered, made, and tested for perfection, and our technology leads the market. With this combination, we’re able to completely serve our clients to be the most competitive on the market. 

Our Design

Our American-built products are designed by industry experts for the highest level of toughness and performance. We focus on quality, not quantity, using only the finest materials and a cutting-edge manufacturing process. When all is said and done, we deliver the most cost-effective and reliable product line on the market. 

Measurement & Controls

Plunger lift operations tend to have limited data, which results in limited performance. Impact Lift’s state-of-the-art technology allows for greater well optimization and trouble shooting. Our measurement products and data find holes in tubing, and accurately report fluid levels, downhole pressure, temperature, and much more. Then we give you the power to run your operation with ease through our revolutionary controls.

We’re generating millions of dollars of profits for our clients EVERY month.

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